Real-world patient insights and engagement

Blue Charm’s integrated digital health and co-pay card programs deliver data that is:

  • Geographically and demographically diverse
  • Longitudinal across a large patient base
  • Real-time and actionable
  • Visible at the brand-level
Blue Charm works with leading life sciences companies and patient organizations across Canada

Our process

Unlocking insights to improve outcomes

Step 1

Recruit patients

We start by recruiting patients who are interested in participating in Blue Charm’s disease-focused journeys. Through a multi-channel recruitment strategy, we identify and enroll patients who can provide valuable insights into their condition and treatment. 

Step 2

Engage patients

Once patients are enrolled in our app, we engage them with personalized learning modules and resources that help them navigate their disease journey. Our engagement approach is designed to keep patients motivated and invested in their treatment, while also capturing valuable data and feedback. 

Step 3

Reward patients

As patients progress through their Blue Charm journey, we incentivize them for their participation in completing modules and surveys.

Step 4

Capture insights

Throughout the patient journey, we capture a wide range of data and insights that are critical to understanding the patient experience. Our platform uses advanced analytics and reporting tools to provide life sciences companies with actionable insights that inform commercial strategy, market access, medical affairs, and patient support strategies. 

Case Study: Asthma

higher engagement rate than typical healthcare apps. Our incentive-based model drives an average 71% module completion rate
of patients who completed their journey want to enrol in future Blue Charm programs
patients enrolled in 6 months

Our solutions

Disease area data subscription

Gain visibility into the real-world experience of patients.

a cell phone with a survey on the screen

Integrated co-pay card program

Understand the “why” behind your claims data.

a bluetooth credit card with numbers on it

Use cases

Learn how our customers are using Blue Charm real-world evidence to address unmet patient needs and improve outcomes.


  • How does the decision criteria to initiate therapy differ by province?
  • What percentage of patients felt like their disease was better managed after switching to Drug A?

Medical Affairs

  • Which age group experiences the greatest impact of Drug A on disease progression?
  • How does Drug A compare to Drug B on negative side effects?

Patient Services

  • What part of the PSP is least important to MS patients?
  • What additional PSP service would be most valued by patients in British Columbia?

Market Access

  • What’s the public/private/cash payer split for Drug A in Ontario?
  • How do co-pay amounts differ between patients with public vs. private plans?

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