Digital Health for Life Sciences Companies

Leading life sciences companies leverage Blue Charm's suite of patient engagement, financial assistance, and real-world data products to improve the patient experience and drive better outcomes

Partnered with some of Canada's leading healthcare organizations

Educate patients and enable them to earn funding for healthcare services

Blue Charm Engage provides digital health experiences that improve patient education and differentiate your brand

Custom content modules

Medication and refill reminders

Quizzes and surveys

Patient-reported outcomes

Help patients access medication with financial assistance solutions

Blue Charm Assist provides co-pay card and financial assistance solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, and deliver actionable data

Co-Pay & Sample Cards

Available in print and digital and usable in pharmacies across Canada

PSP Bridging Portal

Enabling real-time co-pay adjustments to personalize support at the patient-level

Capture insights on the patient journey

Blue Charm Intelligence provides commercial and market access teams with real-world data products to better understand the patient experience, identify barriers, and drive better outcomes

Integrated reports that link claims data with patient-reported data

Detailing aids to build confidence with physicians

Survey data to quickly answer your most pressing questions

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