Multiple Sclerosis
Blue Charm is available to Canadians living with MS. Register now!
Patient Engagement

Better Health, Within Reach

Blue Charm is a mobile app made for people living with chronic disease, designed to educate, engage, and reward you for staying on track. 
Access & Affordability

Bridging the Gap in Chronic Care

Long-term disease management can be costly. Our mobile app offers customized rewards that work just like health benefits and can be used toward select services that complement treatment, as well as out-of-pocket costs of approved prescription medications.

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Learn & Earn

The Blue Charm platform provides medication and disease management tools paired with benefits that suit every person's unique health needs.
For Early Adopters

Blue Charm Pilot Program

We're launching a six-month program for people living
with Multiple Sclerosis, in Canada, who have been prescribed a disease-modifying therapy (DMT). By joining the program, users will have access to:

Treatment Tools

Keep your prescription details, schedule, and refill reminders all in
one place.

Custom Content

Learn about your disease and treatment, current research, and healthier living.

Personalized Rewards

Earn funding to help pay for your prescription or other approved health-related costs.