Knowledge is Power: The Impact of Patient Education on Disease Management

June 12, 2024

Patient education is known to be one of the most important aspects of patient success with their disease. The more comfortable a patient is with their medication and disease, the more likely they are going to adhere to the appropriate treatment plan set out by their health care provider. 

To support this claim, our data shows prior to completing the provided educational modules, 49% of patients felt they were very confident in how their asthma medication works. 

After completing the short education modules within the survey, the number of individuals confident with how their medication works increased to 60%.

Given this data, it is evident that health care providers need to ensure that they are delivering the proper education to their patients. By providing patients a short education module, this increased their confidence level by 11%. With regular discussions around their disease process with a healthcare professional, this number would likely increase further. With more education, patients will have more confidence and a higher comfort level leading to better management of their disease. In return this will help lessen the strain on our healthcare system.

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