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Blue Charm Launches Blue Charm Assist

September 20, 2022


Blue Charm Adherence, a healthcare technology company, today announced that it has launched its next product offering, Blue Charm Assist. Assist compliments Blue Charm’s patient engagement platform and provides integrated co-pay card and financial assistance solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. This allows Blue Charm to serve brands in a more comprehensive way, to be a true partner throughout commercial launch and marketing strategies, and to deliver unique real-world data to better understand the patient journey and improve outcomes.

Blue Charm’s expanded suite of products include Engage, Assist, and Intelligence. Together, they enable end-to-end digital transformation for pharmaceutical companies. Its vision with the launch of Blue Charm Assist is to provide a best-in-class financial assistance solution that combines qualitative data from its patient engagement platform with quantitative data from co-pay and PSP bridging programs.

Dr. Greg Patey, CEO of Blue Charm Adherence comments, “It is abundantly clear that brands in our industry are highly dissatisfied with the levels of data available to them. I don’t necessarily think that it is always due to lack of data but rather how we collect, view, and integrate it so it becomes meaningful for improvement in health outcomes. Data needs to be actionable, or it remains just that, data”. Patey further noted, “I have significant experience in the co-pay card and financial assistance business having co-founded a company that introduced those offerings to the Canadian market 20 years ago. What Blue Charm now offers is the evolution of that business”.

About Blue Charm Adherence

Founded in 2018, Blue Charm is a provider of digital healthcare solutions that help patients access medication and manage their health. The organization works in partnership with patient advocacy groups, disease associations, and the pharmaceutical industry to co-create digital care pathways that provide patients with educational content, medication reminders, quizzes, and surveys. Blue Charm is available to download free of charge and allows patients to earn funding towards healthcare services by engaging in the app.

For further information about Blue Charm programs and services, please contact:

Greg Patey

Blue Charm Adherence

Cameron Sehl

VP, Business Development
Blue Charm Adherence

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