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Blue Charm Adherence partners with the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA)

September 23, 2021

Blue Charm Adherence Partners with Canadian Pharmacists Association to Enhance Medication Adherence for Patients with Chronic Disease

Blue Charm Adherence and the Canadian Pharmacists Association are pleased to announce a partnership to enhance medication adherence in Canada. As a leader in behavioural science, Blue Charm’s innovative solution helps patients improve their health literacy and manage their medications while supporting pharmacists to improve patient education and strengthen communication with their patients.

Blue Charm’s platform will launch with a focus on multiple sclerosis and will help patients access and adhere to their medications through uniquely customized engagement programs. Additional chronic diseases will continue to be added to the platform. Medication non-adherence affects almost 50% of all patients with chronic diseases, and as a result, increases doctor and hospital visits by 5% and is attributed to $4 billion in health care costs in Canada alone.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association is proud to support Blue Charm in its rollout of this unique program to improve patient outcomes, reduce health care costs in Canada, and support the important role that our front-line pharmacists play each day.

About Blue Charm Adherence:Blue Charm is a medication adherence company dedicated to using behavioural science and Real-World Data to improve the lives of people living with chronic disease. Organizations within chronic disease areas requiring specialty medications are invited to contact Blue Charm for more information.

About Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA):Since 1907, the CPhA has been the national voice for Canadian pharmacists. Through advocacy and leadership, they have charted the course through every major development in the world of pharmacy. By providing innovative tools and resources, and enabling connection and collaboration, they empower pharmacists to drive positive change in health care.

Contact Information:

Dr. Greg Patey

Blue Charm Adherence Inc.


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