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Blue Charm Adherence Inc. acquires Symbi Medical

March 26, 2021

Acquisition of Symbi Medical

Blue Charm Adherence Inc., a healthcare company specializing in medication adherence, today announces that it has closed its acquisition of Symbi Medical, a digital health company that provides patient engagement solutions across multiple medical specialties.

Dr. Greg Patey, CEO of Blue Charm Adherence comments, “creating a best-in-class experience for patients provides an environment conducive to improved health literacy and medication adherence. The acquisition of Symbi Medical advances Blue Charm’s predictive analytics capabilities and takes the patient experience to another level.”

Symbi Medical has been a true innovator, developing significant intellectual property as it relates to patient engagement, health data analytics, and care pathway management.

“We are incredibly excited to be joining Blue Charm Adherence in their mission to help patients access life-changing medications and better manage their health,” said Cameron Sehl, CEO of Symbi Medical. “Becoming part of Blue Charm accelerates our progression towards a leadership position in the digital health space and allows us to have an even greater impact on patient care.”

About Symbi Medical

Symbi Medical was founded in 2018 by Cameron Sehl, Max Jennings, Devin McArthur, and Dr. Sameer Berry with a goal of building technology to assist patients before and after medical procedures. With customers across Canada and the United States, providers use Symbi’s HIPAA-compliant patient management platform to support thousands of patient interactions and deliver personalized care journeys at scale. Symbi’s patient classification models improve clinical decision making and empower healthcare organizations to better manage risk, intervene effectively, and improve health outcomes across their patient population.

About Blue Charm Adherence Inc.

Blue Charm Adherence is a healthcare company providing interactive patient platforms and behavioural modification tools which improve health literacy and access to specialty medications. The Blue Charm mobile application offers a multi-tiered solution to medication non-adherence, while the software engine, AdherencyRxTM, provides a level of unparalleled sophistication driven by brand strategy and clinical data.

Dr. Greg Patey

CEO, Blue Charm Adherence Inc.

Cameron Sehl

CEO, Symbi Medical

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