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Blue Charm Adds Dean Michelin as Account Director on New ONE by Blue Charm™

September 1, 2023


Blue Charm adds Dean Michelin as Account Director on its new ONE by Blue Charm™ financial assistance offering of sample and copayment promotion. 

Blue Charm Adherence Inc., a leading digital health technology company with a focus on creating a new standard for patient insights, engagement, and real-world evidence generation, is pleased to announce that Dean Michelin will be joining the company as an Account Director effective September 1st, 2023. Dean will play a key role within Blue Charm’s intent to accelerate its position within sample and copayment financial assistance under the brand ONE by Blue Charm™.

ONE by Blue Charm™ is the recently launched financial assistance offering focused on sample (clinical evaluation) and copayment promotion. Many of you know Dean personally and the high level of industry knowledge he brings to ONE by Blue Charm™. Dean has not only a wealth of experience in the life sciences industry bridging senior roles on both sides of the table but also comes with a deep understanding of sampling and copayment programs within financial assistance strategy. He is an accomplished industry leader and in 2009 was inducted into the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame.

Blue Charm’s mission is to provide leading and unprecedented Patient Insights to the life science industry. The organization is laser focused on integrating data from both the quantitative and qualitative perspectives, or connecting the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHY’. 

In 2022, Blue Charm launched its first patient facing programs utilizing cutting-edge technology with the Blue Charm mobile app and partnering with national disease associations. The ability to interact directly with the patient provides the first of its kind longitudinal data at scale and fills a missing piece of the full picture of what has been historically missing and helps provide answers to the ‘WHY”. Today, as we launch ONE by Blue Charm™, our financial assistance programs in sample and copayment, it opens up a world of hard data, or the ‘WHAT’, which will lead to the integrated data sources. This will help Blue Charm move closer to its mission in the pursuit of improving Patient Insights and ultimately better health outcomes. 

Please join Blue Charm in welcoming Dean Michelin to the team and please reach out if you are looking to implement a sample or copayment financial assistance program today!

Dean Michelin

Account Director, ONE by Blue Charm™

Thank you,

Greg Patey

CEO, Blue Charm Adherence Inc.

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