Mar 23, 2021

Medication Adherence: An Age-Old Problem Facing Innovative Solutions

Blue Charm Adherence is a healthcare company providing patients with interactive self-help
platforms and behavioral modification tools that assist in increasing overall understanding of
disease-related health information and medication adherence.

The organization is pleased to launch its medication adherence platform within Canada. With
multiple sclerosis as Blue Charm’s first disease focus, the offering seeks to promote health
literacy for disease, treatment, and adherence, while improving access to medications through
engagement with uniquely customized programs.

The Blue Charm Adherence mobile application was created in accordance with patient-centric
design principles, while the software engine, AdherencyRx™, provides a level of unparalleled
sophistication driven by brand strategy and the associated clinical data. Organizations offering
Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) to people with multiple sclerosis are invited to participate
in the program which will provide the first of its kind, ongoing Real-World Data relating to
medication adherence insights at the community or Health Authority levels within Canada.
To get involved please contact:

Blue Charm Adherence

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