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Blue Charm is a mobile app built for people living with MS. Download Blue Charm today to learn more about your condition, share your experience through surveys, and earn funding for healthcare services.

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Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.

Who is eligible for the Blue Charm NKS for MS program? 

To be eligible for the Blue Charm NKS for MS program you must be a patient of an NKS network pharmacy and prescribed APO-FINGOLIMOD, APO-DIMETHYL FUMARATE, or APO-TERIFLUNOMIDE.

How long is the program? 

The program is 12 months long but Blue Charm reserves the right to stop it at any time or suspend enrolment. 

How do I download Blue Charm? 

Blue Charm is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for download.

How does Blue Charm verify my eligibility? 

When you make a claim for reimbursement in the app, Blue Charm will reach out to you via the email you provide to ask for a picture of your prescription or prescription receipt. 

How do I earn funding? 

You can earn up to $360 over a period of 12 months by using the Blue Charm app to complete learning modules, answer quizzes, and participate in surveys. 

Is it really free for me to use Blue Charm?

Yes! Blue Charm is 100% free to use. 

What can I spend earned funding on?

Physiotherapy, chiropractic care, registered massage therapy, dietitian services, home care, and mental health services (counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.)

Who writes the learning module content? 

Content in the Blue Charm app is derived from publicly-available sources including the MS Society of Canada, peer-reviewed articles, medical journals, and other third parties. All content is strictly educational, non-promotional, and unbiased. Content is not influenced by any pharmaceutical company or third party. We do not provide medical advice. 

Do I need a referral code? How do I use it?

Yes - you need a referral code to access the Blue Charm NKS for MS program. Your pharmacist will give you your unique referral code, also known as a Patient ID, that you need to enter in the app during registration.

Who is funding this program? 

NKS Assist is providing all funding for the program. 

Who is Blue Charm?

Blue Charm is a Canadian digital health company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Blue Charm is not a pharmaceutical company, manufacturer, or marketer of any drugs. We are not health care providers or pharmacists.

Is my data secure? 

Yes! Blue Charm takes all necessary measures to protect your personal health information and follows Canadian privacy guidelines for the storage and protection of your data. Please see bluecharm.io/policies for more information.

What does Blue Charm do with my data? 

Blue Charm shares aggregate and anonymized data with its clients to help them develop a greater understanding of the patient experience and better support patients in their MS journey. Blue Charm clients may include pharmacy, life sciences companies, payers, and pharmaceutical services providers. What does this mean for you? By sharing your experience and insights in the Blue Charm app, you are helping patients around the world receive better care! 

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