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Simply share your experience in 20 minutes on the Blue Charm app to contribute to asthma research and get $120 toward your health.
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Take 20 minutes to complete short surveys and earn $120. Use your funds for common health expenses.
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I was skeptical when I signed up. But it really is a fantastic educator, medical reminder and and all around easy app to use. Even reimbursment was quick.
"Good tool to remind you to take your medicine and I like the quick information. I have learned a couple of things that I didn’t know."
"Very user friendly and helpful. I enjoy the encouragement and friendly reminders to be compliant with my medications. This helps me take better care of my asthma."
"Great app I use this app EVERYDAY, the fact they incentivize usage is genius!! ... Is easy to use, very well laid out. Thank you for this app!!!"
"This is a great app to help me with remembering to take my medication at the same time each day... The $ incentive is also great to help pay for things that can help my condition."
An excellent program, med reminders & up to date education that doesn't take up a lot of ones' time! I'm a retired RN & I love this app!
Easy to setup and navigate. The information related to my requirements have been very informative. I highly recommend this app
"Best thing ever!"


Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.

Am I eligible for the Blue Charm for Asthma program? 

To be eligible for the Blue Charm for Asthma program you must be: 18+ years old, a Canadian resident (not offered in Quebec), diagnosed with asthma by a healthcare professional, and prescribed an asthma medication (i.e., controller inhaler, rescue inhaler, injection, etc.). 

How long is the program? 

This program is self-paced. Patients may complete surveys as quickly as they wish, and rewards will remain available for redemption for up to 12 months. Blue Charm reserves the right to stop it at any time or suspend enrollment. 

How does Blue Charm verify my eligibility? 

When you make a claim for reimbursement in the app, Blue Charm will reach out to you via the email you provide to ask for a picture of your prescription or prescription receipt. 

Is it really free for me to use Blue Charm?

Yes! Blue Charm is 100% free to use. 

What can I spend earned funding on?

Blue Charm funds can be used for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs associated with medical expenses and professional health care services. Eligible expenses are those which are commonly covered by private health plans. For a full list of eligible expenses, click here.

I have a referral code. How do I use it? 

If you have a referral code for the Blue Charm for Asthma program please enter it in the app during registration. This could earn you a special bonus! 

Who is Blue Charm?

Blue Charm is a Canadian digital health company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Blue Charm is not a pharmaceutical company, manufacturer, or marketer of any drugs. We are not health care providers or pharmacists.

Is my data secure? 

Yes! Blue Charm takes all necessary measures to protect your personal health information and follows Canadian privacy guidelines for the storage and protection of your data. Please see for more information.